We are pleased to announce the merger of the XVI National Congress of the Spanish Interdisciplinary AIDS Society (SEISIDA) and the XI International AIDS Impact Conference in Barcelona, 2013.

This year we decided to join the AIDS Impact and the SEISIDA meetings as both organizations have a similar aims but tend to attract delegates from different fields. Together we are able to bring together professionals and those affected from a variety of fields and disciplines to work in harmony to address HIV infection in unified high level debate. This union between the two conferences is reflected in the theme of the 2013 meeting: "Unidos podemos" / "Unity is strength".

Although this year marks the 30th anniversary of the identification of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus as the causative agent in HIV – AIDS disease, we are still far from being able to control the impact of infection and the continued progression of the epidemic. Decreasing new infections, increasing early diagnoses, provision of universal access to treatment, eliminating stigma, confronting human barriers to change of behaviour and increasing the quality of life of people with HIV, are just some of the issues that require sustained input and far-sighted vision and intervention programming.  Such approaches need to be drawn from both the HIV field and beyond and should resonate globally.  Knowledge integration and transfer are key learning tools as we face an ever more complex epidemic in a constantly changing financial, treatment and social environment.

For these reasons we are delighted to be organizing the joint SEISIDA / AIDS Impact meeting in which we will bring together researchers, practitioners, community and expertise  from different fields and different countries to exchange experiences and explore  solutions to the many urgent problems that HIV raises today.

The International AIDS Society held the World AIDS Congress in Barcelona in 2002.  Eleven years on we are pleased that Barcelona will once again be hosting an international forum for discussion and transmission of knowledge about HIV infection and AIDS. The conference is being held in an exceptional venue, the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), which is well known for its great cultural exhibits and is centrally located in the bustling Eixample district of Barcelona, next to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) and close to the Ramblas in the heart of the city.

We extend a cordial invitation to you, to attend this international meeting with presentations in both Spanish and English. Your participation will allow you to collaborate and share with likeminded professionals, the HIV community and groups from countries across the globe, who are gathering in Barcelona, for the united purposes of stalling the HIV epidemic and helping individuals to adapt to the consequences of HIV infection.

Technical Secretariat

For any information, registrations and hotel reservations, please contact:

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